Courses – IC3 GS5 Spark Course

Courses – IC3 GS5 Spark Course


LearnKey's IC3 Spark course is focused on teaching younger students the basic foundational knowledge covered in LearnKey's IC3 GS5 training. Join LearnKey expert Wyett Ihler for over 2 hours of online video training and project-based activities. Students will learn a broad range of computing knowledge and skills including: software, hardware, operating systems, key applications, and living online.


  • Gain confidence using and understanding computers and technology
  • Learn common program applications like word processing and spreadsheets
  • Be prepared to pass the IC3 Spark exam


  • LearnKey Computing Fundamentals
  • LearnKey Key Applications
  • LearnKey Living Online


  • Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
  • Flash plugin installed
  • High-speed Internet connection


This course bundle is preparation for the official IC3 GS5 Spark certification exam.


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