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Unity is the leading content-creation platform for VR/AR, real-time 3D, and mobile 2D. Unity is used by students and professionals around the world to create everything from games to movies, 3D models to VR simulations.

The Unity Certified User certification is an entry-level credential that allows individuals to get started in interactive content creation for industries such as gaming, entertainment, automotive, AEC and XR. The Unity Certified User certification helps employers and institutions verify a candidate’s knowledge and skills using Unity technology to succeed in these industries. Whether it’s a desire to create games and apps or build new worlds in AR/VR, the Unity Certified User certification is the place to start.

Benefits of the Unity Certified User certification

  • Result-driven way to ensure your curriculum aligns with industry and global standards.
  • Prepares your students for college or a career using Unity technology to create interactive content.
  • Positions your students as credible job candidates to employers with an industry-recognized credential.

Prepare students for college and career success using measurable results with an industry-recognized certification from Unity.

Certiport provides a full solution of resources and tools to teach and prepare your students for the Unity Certified User certification with tailored learning materials and curriculum, practice tests, and Unity endorsed certification exams. Adding these materials into your interactive content creation courses is easy and seamless.

Learning resources for certification success

Preparing your students for certification is a big responsibility, so let Certiport make your job easier and more effective with official resources.There a number of learning resources available to help prepare for the exam: Unity Certified User course ware, Create with Code course and Unity Learn.  Learners can complete any combination of these resources including a practice exam to prepare themselves for the certification exam.

Unity Certified User courseware

The Unity Certified User courseware provides a structured, self-study program that includes everything a student would need to tackle the Unity Certified User Programming exam.  Students will learn the Unity platform, C# programming and game development fundamentals by following the hands- on production of multiple working projects in both 2D and 3D including:

  • 12 video-based modules with accompanying text references for key concepts (88 videos, approximately 10 hours).
  • 3 distinct complete projects with associated assets that you or your students will complete in the Unity Editor.
    • Endless Runner – A 2D platformer game in the “endless runner” genre
    • Bunny Ball – A third-person, 3D, physics-based arcade game
    • Crash Scene – A low-poly 3D neighborhood scene with dynamic cameras and cut-scenes
  • Embedded challenges and quizzes to reinforce learning.
  • The course should take about 20 hours to complete independently.

The Endless Runner demo video is one of the projects the learners can build as part of the Unity Certified User course within GMetrix.

Create with Code course

Create with Code is a self-paced course designed for students to master the fundamentals of computer science and programming in C# over a series of projects. Students apply computer science fundamentals that they learn in the course along with learning project management skills as they make fun mini-games. Students also leverage their own creativity, as the course culminates with building their own personal game.

  • 5 main video-based units with accompanying materials.
    • Driving Simulator: A car that can steer down a road, avoiding (or hitting) obstacles in the way.
    • Feed the Animals: A top-down game where you throw food at animals, who are charging towards you.
    • Run and Jump: A side-scrolling game where the player needs to time their jumps over oncoming obstacles
    • Sumo Battle: A game where the player tries to knock off waves of enemies, using power-ups to help defeat them.
    • Quick Click: A game where the player needs to click on objects tossed in the air before they fall off the screen.
  • Each unit includes creating a distinct prototype with a challenge and a quiz.
  • The course ends with a lab where students complete their own personal project, a game of their own design.
  • The course should take about 40 hours to complete independently.

Unity Learn

Unity Learn is a free learning platform and home to Unity’s award-winning learning materials with a collection of hundreds of free projects and tutorials.

  • Easily search learning materials by topic, content type, and level of expertise to find exactly what you need including two new beginner projects – Ruby’s Adventure: 2D Beginner and John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt: 3D Beginner.
  • Track your own learning journey progress and completion.
  • Tutorials have an improved presentation that puts the how-to instructions, video clips, and code snippets front and center, making it easier to switch between Unity Learn and the Unity Editor.

Get started with free Unity software

Individuals can download the Personal edition to their own computer for free. Educators and schools can request a site license and not-for-profit educational institutions and programs, that qualify, can receive a free version. Learn more at Unity Education.


The Certiport resource library is a great place to find more information about our certification programs and learning resources and will be continually updated. The library includes documents and materials to help you understand and share the value of offering and earning a certification.



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